Services Ground-To-Air Communication (GATR)

GATR - Two-way communication between aircraft and ground stations or points on the planet's surface which primarily made up of a network of radio communication stations linked to operational control centres.
The system that we used is ECCM ground to air radio communication system. We provide basic to complicated solutions for airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and government clients. Installation of radios, integrated dispatch, ATC safety, and commercial aviation. We provide communication services that are seamless between ground command and control centres and aircraft in the area of operations.

Main Characteristics

  • Communication plan
  • Security management
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Low altitude radio coverage (Low Frequency & High Frequency)
  • Voice communication and Tactical Data for ATC and military operations

Commercial Aviation
ATC Safety

Voice Communication

Voice/audio communications between an aircraft and the ground are traditionally accomplished using radio telephony, broadcasting and receiving on: UHF, VHF AND HF.

Data Communications (ADSB)

ADSB is automatic because no external stimulus is required; it is dependent because it relies on on-board systems to transmit surveillance data to other parties. Finally, the data is broadcast; the source has no idea who receives it, and there is no interrogation or two-way contract.

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